Considerations for changing extractors and de-catting?


Hi guys (and gals), I'm thinking of ordering some better extractors and de-catting my 94 Sportrak EXI and I'm curious as to the pro's and con's of doing so, this is what I've been able to fathom so far and I'm curious if people have any amendments to this:

* Increase in engine power because the system can get the exhaust fumes out of the engine quicker

* Increased emissions that may probably result in an MOT failure (is there anyway around this?)
* Increased fuel consumption? (not sure on this one)

Please add your thoughts and amendments Smile


Sorry but I think the car has to have the cat to get the MOT. I'm sure another member will give you the shut off date but I beleive it to be 1992 or 1993. I have a1991 which I know has a CAt but doesn't need to but Im certain the 1994 has to. I hope I am wrong.



I can tell them that My Assignment Writing can be used for Considerations for changing extractors and de-catting? In case you think this is worth talking then there are many people who can talk about this for the sake of better working conditions for themselves and others.

Cat from K reg onwards.

Change to cat came on the late J reg vehicles. Most J reg have a cat but it can be removed and remains legal. K onwards need a compulsory cat for MOT. No cat=fail. Check with your MOT station and you will get the accurate information.
PS .. I removed cat from J reg sporty. No obvious power difference but definately improved mpg.