Hijet Window winder broken


Hi all,

I have just bought my first daihatsu hijet, (the six seater model rather than the van).

I didnt notice when buying but one of the sliding door windows is broken and will not wind all the way up (short by about one inch.

if you put hands either side of the window and push the glass up ... it moves ok so it is a problem with the winder.

I tried to get in about the mechanism to see if i could have a go at fixing it but it is behind the metal skin of the door and not accessible (that i can see).

Any ideas to help???

whip the door card off and

whip the door card off and you should be presented with plastic and foam all stuck on to reduce noise and water ingress. pull all this off and you should try and keep it good for going back on..

you should now be presented with the inside door skin with lots of holes dotted all over it. i guarantee all will be conveniently placed in order for you to look at the winder and replace/fix as necessary.

PM me if you need Sportrak Help..

me too!

I don't know if my hi-jet is older than the one mentioned aove, but I found none of the foam and waterproofing I was expecting! Mind you, simple is fine by me! After removing the door handle it was really easy to pull the door card off with my fingers and peer into the door. I'm quite impressed with the amount of space inside the door, maybe I can have some door mounted stereo speakers after all!

Next stage was to open the panel on the drivers side door and compare one to the other.

As you can see from the photos above, the window is no longer attached to the top 'rung' of the winder mechanism. The question is, where is the fixing bolt that is evident in the driver side winder mechanism? I fished around in the bottom of inside of the door and crammed my hand into the gap at the top of the door cavity and still couldn't find the bolt! The window appears to be jammed in the closed position, which I suppose is better than it being open all the time, but it doesn't half get hot in this little vans so a window that opens would be far preferable! It was worth opening the drivers door, I found out that one of the runners that guide the window down the inside of the door had rusted and buckled and was causing the window to open at a really awkward angle. I've pulled this dodgy runner out and chucked it. I suppose I probably ought to replace it though, in the short term I've warned the wife to be careful opening the window!

So the next step is figuring out how to free up the window, and then seeing if I can find one of the wee widgets that fixed the top rung of the winder to the bottom of the window, or at least something that will do the same job.

Any ideas?

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The rubber bracket may still be fixed to the glass, and has broken off at the bolt. The winder mechanism is very flimsy, and still applying pressure to the winder handle when the window is fully closed is what breaks it. I got a 'new' winder mechanism from a scrap yard to fix mine. When you wind up the winder, stop winding when you feel any resistance as the window fully closes, also check that the glass slides freely up and down the runners.


I shoved my hand up the gap a fair few times and couldn't find the bracket so I'm currently bidding on a replacement mechanism on Ebay.

How did you get the mech in? Is it a case of doing it all keyhole surgery style or did you remove another panel?

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have you sorted your window problem yet?

Hi mate, from the pictures i'd say all you need is a replacement window. The black widget you refer to comes glued to the glass and the window just bolts in. best bet would be a breakers but you might be able to get a new window from laddaws or Rejel. I work for autoglass so if you want any info on how to replace the glass let me know.

hijet window


just an addition when playing with the window winders please employ two lumps of 2x1 to hold the window up in the closed position when you remove the mechanism or gaffer tape the window in the closed position

however normally i would check tthe rubber/felt tracking at both sides of the glass the guides that the window runs in first to see if they have come loose or are bent or full of crap spary a bit of silcon down these first to see if it loosens up



got it, sort of

I managed to find a new winder on ebay, and my wife (with her considerably smaller hands) found the missing bit that attaches the glass to the top of the winder mechanism!

I've posted photos and a better description on my blog here -

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How to get the plastic window winder off

Hi i just recently brought a daihatsu hijet with a camper on the back. I had trouble with drivers side window it would only go down half way this really bug me so i investigated took the plastic winder of which was held on by allot of glue and a screw. Took door panel of and fixed the proble undid a bolt and put 2 washers on it to give it some distance as it was getting stuck. So i solved that problem

Then i put it all back together except for the plastic window winder as it wudnt work, looks like someone bodged it on. I want to get the passenger side window winder off. I want to know how to get the plastic winder off i havent really tryed because i dont want to brake the passengers one as i wud have no air lol.
Do you know where i could pick up another plastic window winder been looking on ebay but have only got them for the daihatsu sport track and i guess that wouldnt fit. Thanks