Offroading event

Thats right we are now organising the first Offroading event since the site switched to Daihatsu Drivers last year. As we are all spread over the country the fairest way to decide on a date and place was decided to be by listing all the dates and places from the most popular Offroading venues as mentioned in the forums and see which one wins the most votes. Though might use a different method in future.

The dates and venues are for events run by 3 different companies so their prices vary per event. I will tell you these now as they might also influence your choice.

The events are Brierfield and Farley Quarry are run by 4x4 Funday and costs £30 the day. Devils Pit costs £26 for the day.

Langdale Quests prices depends on a number of factors. So I reccomend you visit to see their prices.

The sites for all events are listed below.
4X4 Funday
Devils Pit
Langdale Quest