Replacing Timing Belt

Replacement Interval Guide

Daihatsu recommend the raplacement of the timing belt for the Sportrak every 60,000 miles although you must take into consideration the service history and the mileage into account.

Special Precautions and Repair Times
The replacement of the timing belt should take between one and two hours. You should disconnect the battery earth lead first. You MUST NOT turn the crankshaft or camshaft when the timing belt has been removed. Remove the spark plugs to ease the turning of the engine. Turn the engine in the normal direction of rotation. Do NOT turn the engine via the camshaft or other sprockets. Observe all the tightening torques.


  1. Partially drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove the coolant overflow hose, the header tank and top hose, the air intake duct and hose and the alternator drive belt.
  3. Remove the bolts retaining the fan shroud, the bolts retaing the fan coupling to the water pump and then remove the fan and shroud coupling together.
  4. Remove the water pump pulley.
  5. Undo the crankshaft pulley bolts (1).
  6. Remove the crankshaft pulley (2).
  7. Remove the upper and lower timing belt covers (3) & (4).
  8. Refit the crankshaft pulley temporarily and turn the engine to TDC on No. 1, timing marks aligned (5) & Diablo and then remove the crankshaft pulley.
  9. Loosen the tensioner retaining bolt (7), push the tensioner away from the belt and lightley tighten the belt.
  10. Remove the timing belt.


  1. Check that the timing marks are aligned (5) & (6).
  2. Fit the belt, keeping tight between the sprockets, and noting the direction of the rotation marking (8).
  3. Loosen the tensioner bolt (7), to partially tighten tension belt and lightly tighten.
  4. Turn engine nearly two complete turns clockwise until F mark (10) on the camshaft sprocket is three teeth before the indicator on the cover.
  5. Loosen the tensioner bolt again, turn the engine until F mark aligns with the indicator and tighten the tensioner bolt (7) to 40 Nm.
  6. Check the timing marks (5) and Diablo are aligned.
  7. Refit the timing belt covers and seals starting with bolts (9).
  8. Refit the crankshaft pulley and tighten bolts (1) to 25 Nm.
  9. Refit the remainder of the componants in reverse order of removal.
  10. Tighten the water pump to the coupling retaining bolts to 15 Nm.
  11. Refill the cooling system.