F50 Recent aquisition

I have just purchased my first Daihatsu.It is bright yellow and has an awful white fibreglass hardtop.Inside,it sounds like a Motorhead gig and it rains.Yes inside.It runs on Diesel,is an absolute hoot in the wet and the Wife hates it!!Great.Just need to take it off road now.:):-)




They are amazing off road, unstoppable. I have a Workshop manual, owners manual and full Microfiche all for the F50 and obtained through Daihatsu UK when I used to have one. I'm about to sell them on Ebay but thought I'd offer them to people on here first. Any offers?

Best Offroader


I own an F50, it is a super off-roader, little modified, 33" tyres and a 2.0 turbo diesel engine. Everything else stock, the suzukis in my club eat my mud! Check it out at www.ttorc.org.tt