timing belt


Hi any help would be great. had a snapped timing belt. fitted new one. lined up the belt with the marks and fitted as per the book. But the engine will not start. I know that it is very hard to think of a reason with out seeing car. it turns over but will not even try to start. its a diesel fourtrack 2.8 turbo. anyone have any ideas. O one more thing I have taken the head off to check for any damage one push rod was bend and was renewed.
I would be greatful for any help.
thanks micgael

Timming belt

I have recently done the timming belt and the injector pump on my 2.8 turbo. I had no problems, all as I done was line up the timming marks with the markings on the timming belt. Then lining up the timming mark on the injector pump with the timming mark on the timming case. Then bleed the injectors,

My thought, have you bleed th

My thought, have you bleed the fuel system completely. Bleed it at the fuel filter/bleeder pump, then crack the fitting at No 1 injector, and crank it over till no more air come out.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Timing belt

Probably your pump is 180 degrees out. Turn the belt around so that the pump needs to turn over 180 degrees and the crank and the cam shaft stay put.