A paid Club membership?

Just wondering would anyone be interested in a paid club membership? Obviously this wouldn't just be for access to the site as that would stay free. But for a more traditional style owners club. Involving newsletters, extra members only areas on site, possible meets, and if can wing it, discount on car insurance. Plus anything else I can think of which would be viable. Smiling

If you have any ideas for the site then also please let me know as your ideas are needed!



RE: Paid Club membership

I would be interested in a 'proper' owners club with meets, etc. Althought how many sportraks are there about?? because you don't see many!

I've seen a couple driving around recently in the west london area (Hillingdon borough, near Uxbridge, Ruislip, Pinner, etc.) - is it anyone on here? There was a black one (P-reg i think) and green one (possibly L-reg but not sure!)


Paid Club membership

Wouldn't just be for Sportraks as this site isn't just for Sportraks even though I think Sportrak owners to Fourtrak owners is just slightly more. It would include all Daihatsu makes. Though I suspect would almost be purely the Daihatsu 4x4 models who would join. Which would be good as can do offroading meets etc. Especially handy to have Fourtrak owners then as they can pull out ickle Sportraks out of holes when we get stuck! Smiling

Even then not too many Daihatsu's are about compared to some cars. But that is what probably gives sites like this for Daihatsu Owners a community spirit! Tho could make arrange a meet bit of a bugger as think we are nicely spread out over the whole UK.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, more to follow!


owners club

hmmm.... national daihatsu 4x4 club .... sounds brill, when can i join, who do i pay, is there a committee and who would run it? sorry if this sounds a little synical but would it really be a good idea to have a national club? county or area would be better, with a once a year meet in the middle of uk, like sheffield or somewhere. anyway, thats my views, dont know what everyone else thinks.

another thing, i was in the drive thru of my local mc D's the other day and there were 3 sportraks in a row ( 1 in front and 1 behind me) ... shock!!!! i nearly wet myself .... Shocked

i dont want to get old ..... just yet

Re: Owners Club

But would there be enough members for regional clubs? If the main reason was so we could meet up for a day/weekend off-roading (maybe including camping as people would have to travel), then we could arrange that without actually being a club. There are pay-and-play days at various places most weekends where we could arrange to meet?

Out of interest, how many people are registered on this site?

Regards, Nat

Number of Registered users

The number of registered users at the moment for the site is at 78.

N-Reg Daihatsu Sportrak Midnight. A-Bar, K&N, more to follow!


Car stickers to promote this web site

Do you think it would be possible to get some car stickers made up to promote this web site? I have seen loads of Sportraks & Fourtraks about my local area, I bet most of them don't even know this site exists.

If the membership increases maybe regional meets would be possible, there was a 4x4 meeting at Beaulieu recently, unfortunately I couldn't go this year but will try and go next year.
Once regional meets have taken off, I'm sure that an annual UK meet would soon follow.

Reg Users

Hi LuRcH

78 signed up folks, is it possible to breakdown into cars, vans and trucks. It might seem to indicate which way this site is taking, thought us truck folks seem to be the most users along with the micro vans. Just feel that the site needs to get more reg users, are the car folks on other sites.

All said and done I think you are a pretty good guy keeping this site alive with only 78 signed up users.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

membership club

having a club would be a great idea, especialy when all the other jap makes have had one for some time now. having club meets would make a fun day out for all the family plus being able to share ideas and problems with the more experienced daihatsu owners. (incedently i own a 87 f/trak) as for ideas, what about including a spare parts pool section, where we can post our spare bits, so that if any member is struggling for a part just look on this site, and maybe some one will have it.

keep up the good work with the website,,,,,bye for now ,,daz


I like the idea - just got a sportrak, would love to take it out 'n' about but would also like to have someone there that could fix it when it breaks!

PS. Cheers for the manual!

Paid Membership Club


I think this would be a good idea to pay for the service - people have worked hard and put in a lot of time into producing this excellent site!! I would like to see and go to a Daihatsu meet, maybe even go for a organised RUPPing day out and about.

Keep up the good work


Membership Club

Like the sound of a paid membership club. Would like to be involved in meets and outings with other Daihatsu Fourtrak owners. Would find it very helpful to discuss technical issues on vehicles.

Would also like to get invloved in Fourtrak off road days. I'm sure this could be a lot of fun!

club membership

I would love to join a paid club membership,Ihave a 88/fourtrak and Iwould be willing to travel down from Scotland for the weekend or whatever,keep me informed. cheers


Proper club

I'm up for it but like some of the other comments, the geographical spread might make more than one annual meet a little trickey.
on the subject of numbers of vehicles about, maybe its because I'm in farming country, or people in the South West have more sense than you give us credit for, but there are loads of fourtraks and sportraks in Somerset.

im all up for it on the

im all up for it on the basis of the cheap insurance.

im 24 and get stung for insurance, as i have a no NCD becasuse i was hit my so dosey cow in her proton and when it went to the insurance as they couldn't be bothered to resurch as to hows fault it was they just replied with a 50/50 claim due to insuficiant evidence to determine who caused the accident.

it will mainly depend on what else you get and what price it is for.

Lord David Smith KtGC.OBE

Lord David Smith KtGC.OBE

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I really am interested for a

I really am interested for a paid club membership if there`s anything this will offer to me as a member...something that the others don`t get. Besides I already pay for a card membership at a local beer club and I am really pleased with it. So I`ll gladly pay another one too.