4WD not disengaging


Hi everyone, I am completely new to both this site and 4x4 in general.

I have just bought a 1989 Give rose Fourtrack 2.8TD with the electronic 4H switch on the dash.
I am told that the dash light illuminates only when the forward propshaft has engaged.
This bit, I assume, works fine, but when I switch 4H off, the lamp on the dash stays on.

The chap I bought it off told me about it and explained that if I went underneath, I would see two rubber hoses. One connected to a small block of some kind and the other connected directly to the transfer box. And so with torch in hand, under I went. Sure enough, when I pulled it off, it hissed a bit, I put it back on and the light had gone out.

The question is, I assume it has a solenoid to control vacuum to engage and another to disengage. Am I right, and where can I get new solenoids from if I am.

Great site and I think I'm going to enjoy this 4x4 lark.

engaging 4wd.

hi ive got the oposite prob to you,. my front hubs wont engage and my 4wd light does not light up.i got it stuck on purpose in a muddy field ,locked my hubs manualy selected 4 low,. got out, both props were turning but only the rear wheels were spinning...had to phone the better half and got pulled out with my discovery,did you solve your problem, see you si.

Sounds like your problem is o

Sounds like your problem is one/both of the hubs are failing to engage. Cheepest answere, change the hubs for second hand manual hubs.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

4wd not disengaging

Nev, the hubs are enagaging and the prop is turning. The system actually works, but I can only get it to disengage if I physically pull a vacuum pipe off from the transfer box.

The problem is I can't see enough of the system to pull it all off and re-connect everything. I can also only see one solenoid, but that one works so I can only assume a blocked pipe or another solenoid that has failed. Thanks anyway.

Putting manual hubs on

i have same problem auto hubs do not engage. will manual hubs fit
striaght on??????.

4WD solenoid problems


Stop for a second and first check out the forum: problems, topic: New to Daihatsu 4wd problem.

Had similar problems and explained it in that posting how I fixed it.

Hopes it helps,