help with leaf springs.


any members of this site live in derbyshire and would be willing to help me fit new leaf springs to my sportrak? Help

Do you have all the neccessar

Do you have all the neccessary tools to do this job m8...axle stands..burner to get the rusty old bolts off...trolley jack Unknw

leaf springs

thanks for the reply mike, but no , i hav'nt got the neccessary tools to do the job, i was hoping that a member of this site would be able to help me ,if they live local to me that is. i can buy the parts, just need an enthusiast to help me fit them for a small fee as i cant afford garage prices.

Hi again Ron Unfortunately

Hi again Ron

Unfortunately I dont live anywhere near you m8 otherwise I would happily give you a hand to do the job. Its really not a difficult job to do if you have the neccessary tools...thats why I asked.
As you suggest garage prices for doing these 'simple' jobs are ridiculous and you are much cheaper doing them yourself.
If you have any mechanical skills at all I would encourage you to have a you have a manual for your sporty Unknw
If not then you can buy one on cd of Lurch who runs this website...the manual takes you through changing springs step by step with excellent illustrations to assist you...its the same service manual used by Daihatsu Dealership mechanics.

There really is nothing more to changing the springs than undoing a few bolts,changing the bushes and bolting it all back together again.
You have to jack up the car using the chassis frame not the axle. When you lower the jack the axle housing will clear the leaf springs (after all the bolts are loosened off)and they can be removed.
A manual would be very useful as it takes you through it step by step as I mentioned.But you need a good jack.
Sorry I cant help you but I live in Glasgow m8

cheers mike.

thanks for your comments m8, i will buy a manual and have a go at it, i have use of a trolley jack and axle stands now, fingers crossed, ill let you know how i go on.

Good luck with the job Ron

Good luck with the job Ron

I am sure you will manage it no problem...dont forget a heat source to loosen off stubborn bolts..specially the axle u bolts..they can be a sod to free off..but a little heat and ther'e no bother at can buy those little gas bottle blow torches from B&Q for a few quid..they will generate a high enough temperature for the purpose. When you buy your new springs be sure that they come complete with new bushings.And dont forget to torque up all the bolts to specified torques (you will find these in the manual)on reassembly.Oh and it goes without saying ..never ever get under the vehicle when jacked up...make sure that the axle stands are under and supporting the car.