New Terios


Hello all

Have just got a nice metalic green and silver 04 Terios Sport, ordered it before all the snow but was only able to collect it on Saturday, was worth the wait though am really pleased with it.

Does anyone know if they are 4x4 all the time as i thought that was the case and that they had a switch to also lock the diffs, but some comments I have seen suggest it is 2 wheel drive all the time and that you have to switch it into 4x4???


Sure you will enjoy your new Terios, the transmission is permanent four wheel drive and the button on the dash locks the centre diff to stop wheel-spin at either end but not side to side, you should use this if the roads are white or if you are off-road as this improves traction, you should only engage/dis-engage when stationary or very slow with no throttle, be carefull on black roads as you can suffer from transmission wind-up when engaged.