fourtrack cutting out when slowing down coming to junctions etc


hi guys i have a four track 95/96 it seems to have a charging problem i have had a vault metre on it sometimes it charges fine and other times it drops below 11 vaults battery ok i have fitted new alternator but it is still up and down on the vault metre. 1 minute its fine next it dropped then cuts out. any ideas i would really appriciate your comments,

Voltage regulator

At a guess i would say find another voltage regulator and see if that changes anything. Just my thoughts

fourtrack cutting out

i would like to thank mace and madfish for your comments today i went to the scrap yard bought a voltage regulater for


Cheap job quickly done ............

Could be two problems .........

I read that you have two problems. First the volt output is erratic. Secondly the car cuts out when slowing down.
The problems could be independent rather than a symptom of the same.

Volts - clean the earth contacts - battery to chassis, engine to chassis. Clean every contact from the alternator leading to the battery. Get the battery checked by a garage/Halfords/battery shop - once of the plates could be failing and this would show as an erratic voltage drop. They can do a very quick test across the terminals.

Cutting out - likely a fuel problem. Drain the fuel filter and clear any accumulated water from the filter. Perhaps change the fuel filter if you are uncertain of its history. Is the air filter past its sell by date - again replace it if uncertain.

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