YRV update


Getting used to the YRV now, Done pretty much everything i can to it in terms of ensuring it's tip-top maintenance wise. So far it's had:

2 oil and filter changes (5w40) in 600 miles (a better method than using flushing stuff)

Done 1 gearbox oil drain, managed to get 2 litres drained out. Used Comma Semi synthetic ATF. Will do it again at next engine oil change.

Coolant, 3 radiator drains and refilled with pure de-ionised water to get all the old coolant out, Then used 2 litres of Red 5 year life concentrate with de-ionsed water so that is 40% concentration for about -25c protection.

Fitted some new wiperblades (standard style), although not that impressed with the quality of wipe.
May try some of the aero flat blade type. Unsure if they will suit the car.

Tyres, proper wheel width/offset choice and geometry setup seem the wisest modification before doing anything else.

The standard suspension setup of the Turbo is actually quite a good effort in giving it a sport ride while still retaining reasonable comfort.

Since i changed the skinny original wheels and tyres and fitted slightly wider 5.5J x 15 wheels (offset 40) with 195/50 semi-slicks it is transformed.

My favorite pressure after a bit of experimenting is 33 front/29psi rear

Corners very impressive and the grip is out of this world, still comfortable enough although i do try to steer around potholes where possible.

Impossible for me to get wheelspin with the semi-slicks and auto gearbox,even damp. Emergency stop style braking with the ABS working felt like the seat was going to break off it's rails!

Had to laugh when i inspected the front brake pads, they are made by Hitachi!
(I seem to remember my friends imported Nissan 300zx turbo also had Hitachi pads)
Not as worn as i originaly thought, so will keep them on for a while longer.

Brake fluid change is about the only thing i have not done yet. Wil be using ATE SuperBlue Racing DOT4 which from experience on the Cosworth and GTti gives better pedal feel than DOT5.1

Going back to springs, I'm quite happy with firmness. If i was to do anything in the future then 1" inch lower would be nice.
A friend of a friend has a custom coil spring making business, and he is willing to make YRV springs to any spec(firmer,softer,lower,higher). Various powder coat colour options if that's your thing.
But he would of course need a set of originals as template and to test the original rating. If anyone is interested let me know.

I did a quick test with a manual boost controller. Connected up together with the original solenoid still active it's too sensitive. The spring inside is quite hard and even on it's lowest setting the boost was rising to 13/14psi (only brief, i backed off before it chance to activate boost cut)

I will probably just use a conventional bleeder valve boost controller as i only want run 12psi boost , not going to bother removing the standard solenoid. bleeder is simply fitted in the short hose from the compressor outlet to actuator.

Fuel Cut Defender is a doddle, although i am yet to connect a multimeter up to the MAP sensor output wire and measure voltage while it's on boost. (to check the exact voltage when it triggers fuel cut)

Had no funny serpentine/pinking noise since using a little GRIP tyre softener and turtle wax tyre dressing on the belt! Looks like the belt is maybe not the factory original as it says Mitsubishi on it. Will write down the part number from it next time engine has stopped in a easy position to see it!

I changed the assumed

I changed the assumed original Champion branded blades for some Bosch Aerotwin flat blades and are a vast improvement. They are not listed for the YRV but Ford Fiesta (cant remember which mark) are just slightly longer and fit perfect.

When i first saw Hitachi on the pads i was thinking Tv and HiFi unaware of their Automotive division which turns out includes Tokico and Clarion. They seemed decent too and better than the Genuine Suzuki NBK branded that followed.

The belt is actualy Mitsuboshi, at first look i thought it said Mitsubishi until i had it in hand. Seems they are a leading Jap belt making company, but i'd never heard of them before. Curios to see what length belt yours has....been a few sizes reported on the YRV and Sirion ranging from 1705 to 1750. Tip - bit of wet on the writing makes it easier to read Smile

Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
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ah Mitsuboshi! haha, Very

ah Mitsuboshi! haha, Very strange, even the font looked like Mitsubishi.

The lettering is very easy to read still, so will have a look at the part number to see what belt number i have.

I have now fitted some "Drivetec" conventional blades £3 each and it's wiping pretty good now. But may still go for aero style, Valeo ones get good reviews for about £10 each.


Yeah at a glance even the 3

Yeah at a glance even the 3 stars in the triangle look like the Mitsubishi logo.
Looked at Valeo but apart from being alot more expensive(ebay) they didnt seem to have the right size for the passenger side....they may now tho. Think i paid £12 for the pair on ebay.
Hated the OE Champion ones they squeeked alot!
Hardy use the wipers anyway, i use RainX...... works great and the faster you go the quicker it runs off Biggrin
If anyone is buying Bosch Aero wipers check that they are genuine. There are alot of fakes about..... package looks authentic but only genuine ones have Bosch moulded on the wiper connector ;).

Current- 04 Silver YRV TURBO
Past- 91 Charade GTti, 89 Charade GTti, 98 1.3 Hi-Jet.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend always in need, an Effin nuisance Wink

Yep, often used Rain-X!

Yep, often used Rain-X! Motorway driving no wipers needed.

Good on the side windows and rear screen as well.

The interior glass Rain-X anti-Fog is meant to be good as well as it prevents steaming up (according to Auto Express), but I've never tried it.