Heating oil? anyone tried it?


Hi new member and just bought a 97 fourtrak limited edition.

I ran my car on home heating oil with engine oil mixed for lubrication, approx 1pint of engine oil to 5gallons of heating oil. car ran perfect but others have told me to use cooking oil as lubricant because engine oil is too heavy and can clog up the feul system.

I realise it is illegal but its cheaper than £1.49 a litre!!!! for diesel where I am.

just wanted to know if anyone has any opinions on the mix or if it is ok to use in my fourtrak?

I am currently using diesel to be safe until I know for sure.

Heating oil

A quick Google tells me that your'e likely to get done for £500 the first time you get done for using heating oil....... why not run on a 50/ 50 veg oil/ diesel mix or 90/10 vegoil petrol mix its perfectly legal too , up to 2500 litres a year.

dont use heating oil in an

dont use heating oil in an engine, veg oil is fine, when warm 100% will run, mild weather- 50/50

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack

Heating oil is illegal and of

Heating oil is illegal and of far too low a quality for use in an engine, hence why its heating oil. Apart from the tax implications it won't inject properly or combust properly and this forms accelerated carbon deposits which can damage your engine. Combustion is critical as it ensures you meet environmental emissions regulations, with heating oil you wont, particularly as its cetane rating is well below the minimum for road diesel.

Apart from this you can overstress the injection pump and stretch the timing belt, or even snap it, destroy the fuel injection system with lack of lubrication, and all by introducing particles in heating oil which is not in road diesel or bio diesel.

For those in Germany

For those in Germany contemplating using heating oil in older more simple applications in less sensitive vehicles not produced by Daihatsu (military vehicles or those produced in the former Soviet Union or China), getting away with only a 500 Pound Sterling fine would be a dream. The actual fine for doing this would start at 500€ and could top off at 5.000€ or 5 years imprisonment:


Crinclecut: You can mix veg


You can mix veg oil and diesel, after all diesel contains 3-7% bio element which is veg oil, depending upon the retailer, Shell, Total, BP, etc.

Where the problems arise is when it is used neat and not put through the transesterification process, used neat it is much thicker and can cause similar problems to using heating oil, damage to various engine components, read my article as it highlights the issues.
Have dealt with this for over 30 years, and we have considerable research into this very issue, by putting veg oils through the transesterification process you actually remove all the unwanted nasties and break down the fats, breaking these down thins it to a viscosity similar to diesel.