2003 Charade ABS/Speedometer/power steering fault



I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with a problem with my 2003 Charade. The fault is the ABS awarning light is on, along with a non functioning speedometer and over sensitive power steering? It started as an intermitant fault to begin with were it would reset by turning the ignition on/off. This fault is now all the time.

The error code reads Speed Sensor A (PO500)

I replaced both the front ABS sensors with two that I know are both working but this still hasn't cured the problem.

Is there anything else I could try or should be looking at?

Thank you

Thats a weird one. I can only

Thats a weird one. I can only think that you may have 3 seperate faults that have come up all of a sudden.

The fault code with the ABS light etc... may mean it could all be linked to the clocks themselves perhaps? Rather than an actual ABS problem.

As for the over sensistive power steering, this could be a faulty Power Steering pump.

Another answer could be something to do with a faulty ECU developing or electircal wiring issues.

Hope you get this sorted. Have you had the car long?

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They are all linked. The

They are all linked. The power steering is speed sensitive so it sounds like because the speedo is not working, the steering is staying in ultra-light parking mode.

Speed sensor will also control the ABS, As in the ABS will not activate until you reach 12mph.

So all these are faults are linked to the speed sensor, where that is on the car I don't know. Could be built into the instrument cluster or somewhere underbonnet reading off the gearbox.

Think your best option here is a visit to a main dealer.

I've just joined as I've had

I've just joined as I've had the same problem. I had to do the brakes on the other half's car. The sliding callipers were seized (no surprise there then! Lol ) and required a creative amount of force to in seize them.

Rebuilt and on a test drive and as soon you reach 60mph the ABS light comes on, speedo dies and steering goes super light. Turn the key off and on again car bumps its self and as long as you're under 60mph all is good.

Luckily I noticed the ABS ring on the hub had a wee bend/dink on it from unseizing the calliper. So wheel and disc off, very gently chap the ABS ring flat (nearer to speed sensor) and hey presto it's sorted!!!! BiggrinBiggrin


Tell us the outcome please. !!

If this suggestion works please tell us ok. This would a simple fix for a complex problem. Smile

So please tell us if the fix works ok.

Regards, Bob F.

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Still Working

The ABS etc fault has cleared up totally since unbending the ABS ring on the hub.

Westfalia ???

And how about your problem has the simple fix worked for you ?? Smile

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

Same problem

I have recently bought a charade 2003 and have the exact same problem, checked front sensor rings , all look fine .
Is there a sender off the gearbox or does the speedo work off the sensors on all 4 wheels?
As the problem is speed related (at aprox 65mph), I wonder if it's the sensor on the dash rather than the wheel sensors.
Any info on this would be greatly appreciated as this is a very frustrating fault , car only done 43000 miles and is perfect in all other areas.