Sirion engine swap from an YRV Gti



I'm from Hungary, sadly we have an absolutely non-existent Daihatsu community, so I'm glad I found this site.

So, I'm planing to buy either a 1.3 Sirion with Auto transmission or an YRV Gti. I like the Sirion better but the engine with the turbo in the YRV is just so good. Smile
I was thinking, I could buy a pretty good Sirion than swap the engine and the transmission from an YRV and I have a turbo Sirion. The question is, can it be done?
As far as I know, the blocks are the same, so the mounts should be OK, problems could be with the manifolds and with the intercooler space wise, don't know about the AC compressor, powersteering, brake booster vacuum...
I think the trannys are also different, so got to swap them too, don't know if it fits though and compatible with the Sirion's shafts...maybe could not handle the excess torque... Maybe even the Sirion's chassy could not handle the torque... Biggrin

Yes, there are a lot of questions, so I appreciate any input on the matter, thank You.

Welcome. Yes this has been


Yes this has been done. Unfortunately the moderator on this club hasn't pulled his finger out yet to make sticky threads yet SadWink but if you have a look there is a thread about someone on here who has just done that.
You will though have to make sure you get the radiator from the YRV turbo as well, as its a different design to the standard Sirion radiator as the turbo is cooled by air, oil and water from the radiator. And also make sure you swap ECUs.
Good luck Smile

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