YRV Turbo Battery Replacement


After mostly hassle-free electrics since buying the YRV Turbo, the battery seems to have finally given in.
Went dead 2 weeks ago. Voltage was reading about 11volts.
Charged it for about 10 hours, it managed to maintain about 12.8v.
Reconnected, checked alternator charging about 14.35v.
Drove a few times since then.
Today... dead again. 11.6v.
I think it is still the original battery that the car came with - 44B19L - and after reading some of the older threads here, I saw most of you bought 054 40Ah batteries as replacements.
I've ordered a battery off eurocar parts - £41.94 which is quite a good price with free delivery or collection.
Thank you guys once again for the info on the threads - most helpful! Smile

No Probs

I started off with the Varta 40Amp and now upgraded to a bigger 53amp battery. Does though mean modifying to a bigger battery tray Wink

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