Site update coming soon!

Have been busy the past few months testing out updating the software running the site to the latest version. The new version provides a lot of backend improvements and security enhancements. Also most importantly provides support for site being viewed on Tablets and Smartphones. Over the past 2 years the viewing of the site on Tablets and Smartphones has grown to current 56% and is showing the sign of increasing so support for these platforms is essential.

As you may notice the updated site will have a new look, which with every time a redesign has been previously implemented I am sure some people will like it, and some will hate it as that's the law of the Internet. Smile

Once I am happy in resolving issues on the test site I will apply the updates to the live site. This would involve downtime of the site as it does involve a lot of changes and updates, also there are huge changes on how images are handled which completely breaks how the site has always handled the image galleries which involves a lot of complex work to move them over to a new gallery system which works with the updated software, and is also reason why have been putting off implementing the update for at least 18 months, but to ensure that site remains functioning and also that it is secure.



noisey clacking

HELP. Got a 1998 hijet 993cc efi cb42 engine making these clacking noises i thought is was the tappets but i have had them adjusted three times now and it isnt that,making the noise anyone have any ideas Unknw it runs well it dosent smoke or anything like that its just so noisey.

Darren ward