Perodua nippa, wiring diagram?


I own an old Perodua Nippa 850GX which has a carburettor and now I want to swap it to EFI, injection. I have acquired all the parts, I think but I really need a wiring diagram to help me out and sort all the wiring in order to get this thing working properly. Could you please help me out with any information where I can find such a diagram or buy one if possible?
Also do you know if this car has a crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor? The owner of the newer Nippa is not sure and mine certainly doesn't have any sensors so I was a bit curious about all this.
Overall I think that everything which I need for this is the inlet and exhaust manifolds with throttle body and so on, the lambda sensor, complete wiring, ECU/immobilizer, I saw that the car has some sort of a computer as well, fuse box and the electric fuel pump since the carburettor doesn't have one. Did I miss something or anything else to add?
With time I would update with some photos. I know that this is a lot of work and I doubt that it's all worth it but I feel like doing this with the help of my mechanic so I am open to any suggestions or advices.
Also I saw that you can buy a service manual on this website, is the one for Daihatsu Cuore relevant for perodua as well because mine is a bit of a mix between coure 3 and 5 I think so some things may be a bit different. Also what kind of information does this manual include?

I use the owners manual for

I use the owners manual for the Cuore L501 for my Nippa. It's very helpful.
My Nippa's injected, if I can help with any info?