Forum seems to be a bit quiet


Hi. As a new Fourtrak owner I posted a request for advice about 5 weeks ago and have had not received a single reply, not even a welcome to the forum reply.

I don't wish to seem unkind but is this forum pretty much dead in the water so to speak and if it is has anyone any suggestions for a more active forum that deals with the needs of Fourtrak owners. Thanks.

Hi Rogcal.

Yep. This site is always quiet, but you are welcome to it. Some one will eventually answer you if they know the answer. But not me. I haven't a clue with Fourtracks. Sorry. Smile

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Ditto to what Bob has said....

You'll find a lot of people who were on here have left or sold on their pride and joys. Unfortunately as Daihatsu stopped selling cars in the UK, and a lot of cars have gone the way of the scrapyard or have sold their cars on. Like me Smile . I only occasionally drop by these days to see if I can help out. I have now moved onto SEAT and Mazda. Don't forget there are places like Facebook as well Wink

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Yes, true the forum is quiet but you should eventually get an answer.

What´s the topic?

Hi Rogcal, what´s the concern? Maybe I can help you.


ive just bought a fourtrak

ive just bought a fourtrak after 3 or 4 years without one, returned to the forum and found it virtually dead in the water, id assumed it was cos everybody had rusted away, guess ill have to ask the kids to explain how facebook works

Quiet but great! Thanks everyone

I've only just signed up but have been on this site more times than i can count since rescuing a f75 from a field early last year. I'm not bad with spanners, had old cars and trucks since i could drive, but i sure know more now.
This is my first 4x4 and pride and joy but bit of a bigger project that i anticipated.
Fixed immobilises problems, rewired all back end and some of the front, changed gubbins in the starter, changed clutch with help from a v handy mate, went to check gearbox oil, heard horrid clunk, rang mate.. gearbox off again, brake cylinders, leaf springs all round, fuel tank problems and probably forgot loads of other stuff too.
Point being that all info was easy to find on the site without having to ask. Maybe its quiet cos its already full with every thing! (Except cutting a hatch to get to the fuel guage sender, i fancied 5mins with a grinder better than half a crappy day drilling and retapping the super rusty bolts holding the tank on)
Thanks everyone even if you're not here anymore.

Yes, one or two of the oldies

Yes, one or two of the oldies look in now and again .... and yes, despite the tinworm they're still going.

rf man

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..... yep, my youngest vehicle is 20 years old