Mods for 98-2000 Mira Gino turbo


hey there everyone first off I am new to this forum. I was curious if any of you have done any mods to your mira gino and if parts from different cars ( like the Mira ) are ale to fit on the Gino. I am looking to get one imported but I have no Idea as to where to get after market parts for this car in specific... I'm hoping someone can help me out with some insight.

In Europe, we have the L701

In Europe, we have the L701 Cuore (1.0 litre), which I believe the Gino is based on, so a lot of he parts would be interchangeable.
Also some parts in the M101 Sirion (Boon) may fit. I know the excellent front seats can be fitted.
Hope this helps.
I think the Gino's a lovely looking car, and goes pretty well too!


do you know if the MIRA will

do you know if the MIRA will have the same frame too for parts? thankyou so much for you advice

Not really sure, they use

Not really sure, they use different names for different markets. But I had a Mira Classic, and they only imported 50 to the UK, so even the Daihatsu dealers didn't know what it was. Luckily I had a friendly car spares dealer who would order parts from different models until we found bits that fitted. A lot of Daihatsu parts are interchangeable, ie, my Mira Classic Turbo had the same front brake discs as an 850cc Move ( if I remember correctly.
Get friendly with your local parts dealer!