Sporty bumpers/hood for a Cuore L701?


Im looking for a TR / avanzato / jdm front bumper/hood for my cuore but no succes on here yet.
I cannot find any on ebay too in my country i didnt find anything about styling bumpers etc.
hope anyone of you can help me find or where too look for Wink

Kind of bumper im looking for below the links.

Get yourself over to Daihatsu enthusiasts Facebook page.....

I believe the person who posted that photo under the name 'Pocket Rocket' and others who used to frequent this forum is now on there.
I believe the guy is called Nathan Munns? Not sure if he's still in the Daihatsu Scene. But has owned a few models, the last being the Cuore. Unfortunately here in the U.K Daihatsu is no more as they pulled out of U.K and the Europe back in 2009.

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