Cuore / Mira Avanzato TR-XX R4 - just bought!



I've just bought a Mira Avanzato TR-XX R4 (turbo and 4x4!).

It doesn't really need anything at the moment, but I'm wondering how easy it will be to find parts when it does?

Also, any advice as to how to protect the gearbox, since it is apparently their achilles' heel? A 2009 forum chat on this site recommends changing some bearings early on, something that can be done with little fuss. It noted that serious problems can develop if this isn't done.

Does anyone know of an Avanzato expert who could maybe check my gearbox over. Would rather not take any chances as it's probably hard to find a gearbox out there now.

Anyone know of any Avanzato's still out there? Howmanyleft says only two are taxed! Anyone know of any of one breaking for parts, just in case? Or if you're still driving one, please do say hi! Hope to do a blog or at least a decent Youtube video to show mine in all its glory some time soon...

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