F20 Suspension - for the love of God can I make it less bouncy!


Hello all,

This is my first post, but I've been reading around the forum for a few weeks as I am the new owner of an F20 Scat in amazing condition. Winnie is an '83 Deluxe with only 4500km (for real!) on the odometer, and though not entirely as new - she lived on a farm by the sea and has plenty of surface rust - inside is a fine place to be. Except when you're driving anywhere...dear God, the suspension is the most awful I've ever endured! In fact, it's really more jolty than bouncy.

With such low kays and overall NOS condition, I don't want to make any wild modifications, but can anyone recommend improvements - from minor to major - to improve the ride?

Please give me hope.

Many thanks,

Winnie's owner in Oz