Daihatsu Sirion remote key fob


Hello guys,

I just bought a 2006 Daihatsu Sirion SX and i am missing the remote key fob, anyone knows where can i find one ?.
I already searched the forum and found the binding procedure:

1) unlock the car, remove the key from the ignition and shut the doors.
2) disconnect the negative (black) connection from the car battery and leave off for at least 2 minuets.
3) re-connect the negative connection to the battery.
4) press and hold down both buttons on the remote until the car locks and then immediately unlocks its self. Let go of the buttons.
5) press the unlock button. the car will then lock and unlock again.
6) for a second remote repeat from stage 4 immediately.

Also I only found this on ebay:


but the back side where i could verify that is the correct make and model is faded

Any suggestions Unknw