I'm looking to buy parts for Sirion MK2



As the title states I'm looking to buy parts for a Daihatsu Sirion MK2.
I currently live in Ireland, I cannot find anything on Ebay or garages for my car.
Be this from Wind Deflectors to Absorbers.

Does anyone have any websites they can recommend to me to purchase such


Sirion Parts

You can normally find parts on eBay, especially service items like brake parts and filters, but also used parts. Exhausts are a problem as orginals last a long time so no-one sells them for MK2 - I had a stainless one fitted which cost about £300 but it extended the life of the car by another 2 years so far. Micks Parts also sells quite few new parts. After that, it's time to contact the used parts dealers using one of the many services that do the trawling and initial contacting for you.
Another tip is that quite a few parts are exactly the same as the Perodua myvi and they are usually cheaper on eBay but there is a small risk it won't fit when you get it delivered (I have ebought a radio and a hater motor/fan with no problem).
Good luck.