Sirion Coilovers modification



Own a 2002 and 2004 sirion 4trak. It has a PB brakes adjustable coilover kit. It’s for the newer model sirion. The fronts bolt right in. The rear strut needed a crevis mount instead of the eyelet that comes with the kit. PB brakes sent me new rear struts with lower cervis mounts. I’ve just transferred the kit to the 2002 sirion.

The fronts are lowered to a perfect height. The rears however won’t go low enough. The springs are fine. The struts are causing the problem. Even though they are adjusted to their lowest setting. They are still too high.

I have three options. Order shorter Struts. (Messaged PB brakes to see if they can do this.)

Cut the eyelet off of the original lower shock mount that came with the kit and weld on the crevis mount from the shocks from the car.

Modify the lower control arm to accept eyelet mounts.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I’ll get pictures as soon as possible.