1995 Rugger F78W- worn steering rod ball joints question.


Hello from New Zealand.
Can anyone here help with this query?

A friend has a 1995 Rugger F78W, that has failed it's MOT for excessive play in the steering tie rod ball joints. The inspector says the ball joints are spring loaded and he has no information on the manufacturers specification on what play is allowed and has therefore failed the vehicle.

Would anyone know what the specification for allowable play on these ball joints is?

Many Thanks.

I have copied his report below-

"Attached is a copy of the wof sheet for your reference. The vehicle requires replacement steering rod ball joints. It apparently has 4 of them, all in need of replacement. Our tech checked with the dealers (miles Toyota) for the spec on play in these spring loaded joints. They could not provide a spec and as such we had to fail the wof. The lack of a specification means that any play is not permitted. These are the only items identified in need of repair for the WOF. "