dreaming high for my hijet, not just electric, but solar.


I was originally inspired by Peter Perkins' solar powered van http://www.speedace.info/solar_van.htm even before buying my daihatsu hijet (unexpectedly won in auction before a successful bedford rascal bid), and still am.

There's such a thing as solar paint... as in photovoltaic. Several types actually. And they've existed for years and decades. (Maddening to me that all our cars are not coated in surfaces that generate electricity in sunlight, since the technology has existed so long. makes me wonder who's profiting from suppression of such technology becoming ubiquitous.)

I also have preliminary sketches of what an origami wind turbine on the roof might be like. automatically folding away when driving, and pops up when parked if there's room.

Peter Perkins' rascal just had a small strip of solar, and a somewhat clunkier process to get his little wind turbine out for it, and his was still viable.

The potential goes further than I've seen explored.


I should just get it mended first.

At times, there's only 1 fully working door, the front passenger one,
and the driver door does not fully close (looks like someone wrestled it with a crowbar) ~ breezy,
and the passenger side sliding door never worked,
and the driver side sliding door has failed more severely now after being fixed once,
and the back door works again after having been jammed not-quite-fully-closed for a long time.
The battery does not seem to charge... much. I don't know if an iffy alternator (right?) or some connection or short or something.... I don't know. I charge it up from mains a lot.

Come april/may next year, I intend to get mendings underway. (new driver door though, looks v expensive... more than it cost me to buy the whole thing (just £500!)).

Hopefully here on this forum, I can connect with others who know a thing or two about where/how to get sorted on my ambitions (even if only just getting doors mended).