Engine Swap - Perouda MyVi to YRV - problems


I have put a virtually new 2012 MvVi engine into my 2002 YRV ( it failed MOT on smoking and this seemed a cheaper route than valves and bores ). The engines are allegedly the same Toyota based K3-VE2.

Well, it fitted. Some differences - the MyVi engine has a mount / stabiliser point cast into the timing cover that is redundant on the YRV and what looks like an additional oil gallery sensor port on the rear of the crankcase. But everything else fits fine and looks identical.

The only thing is we can't get it to run! Just coughs and wheezes like it is going to catch but it doesn't. I used the injecor body, wiring harness and ECU from my YRV so the ECU shouldn't see any errors or coding differences - the only difference is I retained the MyVi Crank sensor which looks identical, and fitted new Lambda Oxygen sensors as the originals had failed and put the Engine Management Light on. That might indeed be it.

Any clues? Should I reset the ECU. Anyone know what the sensor port on the MyVi crankcase does and if it is vital. Help!!!!!