Sirion 1.3 gearbox replacement


Greetings everyone! Happy to be a new member of this club!! Smile

I have a 2003 sirion 1.3 (rally 4) and i bought it dirt cheap last year.. it had a popping 4th and now my 4th gear whines and prevents me from engaging 5th..

I want every piece of knowledge around these gearboxes as i don't want to break my bank trying to find a gearbox or get it repaired..

Questions are:

-Are 4x4 gearboxes different from 2wd?
-Can i interchange a bellhousing from a 4x4 box to a 2wd gearbox so i can use the 2wd gearbox?
-what do you guys do if you encounter something like that (rally 4s are SUPER RARE here)
-what kind of gearbox i should look for
-has anyone had the same problem?

Not sure, but I think any of

Not sure, but I think any of the Sirion 4wd gearboxes fit, and maybe the YRV ones too. I'm sure someone out there will know more than me. Otherwise, try Facebook: Daihatsu Sirion 2/4 competition parts and cars, or Daihatsu Performance Enthusiasts.