New owner. Please could I have some help?


Good evening, I have just become the owner off a P reg 1994 Fourtrack.
I bought the car from a retired farm labourer. It’s in solid condition and I have started to bring it up to some semblance of cosmetic tidiness!
The car has a full MOT and has 120k on the clock. It was originally supplied by the firs garage in Hook Norton. In essence it’s in great shape. The steel wheels are horrendous and I am in the process of cleaning, removing rust and spraying. The engine is strong and powerful. The only issue is the steering wheel judder in full lock. I assume that I need to change the pump?
Other than that, it’s great! The reason for the purchase was to have a reliable 4x4 that would work in the winter and pull a trailer to the dump.
Looking online, and being the owner of far too many classic cars, I am keen to preserve this. I have had loads of Range Rovers, Discovery’s and the like but moved away and bought a Mercedes for everyday. However, there is something about this car that I can’t, yet, put my finger on. It’s great isn’t it? Just does what it does!
So, some questions if you don’t mind. (I have looked on line, it’s was pointless)

1. Is it a cam belt or chain? (P reg 1994 turbo diesel P409EUD)

2. The judder. The PAS works fine but it jumps around on lock like a monkey in a cage, how do I direct the mechanic?

3. I know Land Rovers backwards but this is new. It doesn’t have a service history as such so what should I do for longevity? I am very happy to spend some money to save in the future.

4. Thank you. Absolutely any advice would be amazing.

With warm regards,