Sirion 2008 instrument cluster swap to post 2008


Hello everyone,

On my 2008 Sirion at one point of time the speedometer give up(mileage keep working). After failing to get working instrument cluster from the scrapyards(the dealer ask me nearly the price of the car for new;-))) i come with the idea of fixing the newer model. Strange enough from 7 checked old cluster not even one was ok, where all the new type i check are ok. After inspecting the sockets i figure out they are backwards compatible and here we go - i fix it, luckily getting even the cowlings from another yard. Everything works properly but not the board computer. I have also some doubts about the fuel quantity meter too. Any one who have walked down same way? See the links below to get what i mean:

Pre 2008 -

After 2008 -