2007 Daihatsu terios Overdrive fail


My 2007 Daihatsu Terios jeep gives a thud and turns off the Overdrive when i am driving on the highway in the mornings as soon as I hit 65. The vehicle feel like it goes into low gear after that. It only happens after the vehicle is cold like in the morning or evening after work commuting home. I took it to scan but couldn't recreate the fault cause it happens cold and it disappears when I restart. Drove it for hours and no fault, The next morning comes on again. I park with engine running for 15 mins to sign in and come back to go get it scanned and its gone, engine still running. Need help. it must be electronic, a solenoid? oh and the right indicator flashes faster and erratically on the dash when engaged. The left goes at the standard click timing.