TWO driveshaft greases for a Charade?


Need to replace an outer CV boot.

Been checking my probably-relevant Daihatsu Charade manual collection (car is actually a Daihatsu Skywing and essentially undocumented AFAiK, but very like a G11) and they all seem to agree that there are two greases for the driveshaft joints.

Yellow stuff for the inner, black stuff for the outer.

I'd bet A LOT of money that no one here in the Taiwan motor trade will give a seconds thought to such servicing sophistry.

If they've heard of grease at all, they'll be firmly of the "grease is grease" tendency, and it'll be the WRONG grease too.

Any idea what the difference might be? I have some UK-bought Comma moly grease that should do for the outer, but no candidates for the yellow stuff.

Hoping to avoid further dismantling this time around but future purchase in Japan or the UK might be possible in case I need to later.