sagging springs

Hi all :}
i have a sportrak 92 model with some sagging going on underneath!!plus I have a very suspect shock..
Its got the electricaly adjusted type and for the price of 1 of those i could buy a Suzuki sj410 Evil
So its time to spend some money and do some work!!
If any one knows of a good source of springs,dampers,longer hangers then please let me know,,

before my backside is dragging on the ground!!the cars that is!!!



saggy sporty

i have just hed my rear spings replaced on my sportrak, i got them very easily from they came as a set with all bushes and shackles, £127 for 2 . they also sell shocks for about £30 each . very quick delivry, i ordered mine last tuesday (3.30 pm)they were here on thursday(12.30). i dont know if they do longer shackles but if u fit some you might have problems lifting the torsion bars. anyway good luck

saggy sporty

I'v used milnerofroad very good people to deal with fast dilvery service