2007 Terios J2 - What All Terrain Tyres Fit? - 235/60 R16


Hi All,
Just bought a Terios J200 as our little runaround in Devon, standard tyres are road tyres in size 235/60/R16 - I wanted something more capable for our single track lanes, im not green laning exactly but wanted something a bit more capable liek we have fitted to our D-max & Shogun.

I bought a set of Insa Rangers, same size, 235/60/R16's which looked great but when i tried turning the front wheels, even by only half a lock they were catching on the wheel arches and linings.

Has anybody fitted a more aggressive tyre that works without any rubbing and without any suspension modification. The ground clearance is fine already or am i looking at a lift kit to fit anything over a normal road tyre spec?

Any tyre brand you can recommend?

Has anybody had similar issues and if so what did you do?

many thanks in Advance.