Sirion SE front wheel alignment (year 2009)


I would like to know what the correct "toe in" is for my Sirion SE.
The garage said they have done it. But I know this garage does not have the equipment.
( I asked where the equipment was in the garage and was told they have to take cars that need wheel alignment to another garage around the corner! )
But my in dash cam shows it never left the garage except for a few test drives. He left the keys in it when he was working on it, so the my dash cam also shows him walking to my car carrying only 2 spanners.
If information is in the manual then I been through it twice and missed it.
At the moment it's toe-in about 3 degrees which I think is too much. I just don't want to take it to the main dealer pay £30 or more to find out there nothing wrong with it.
Yes it drives straight but the tyres now squeal when turning corners which it did not before it went to the garage?