Hijet 1300 EFI starts but doesnt run


Hi All
My hijet 1300 EFI cranks and starts but only runs for 4-5 seconds then dies.
I can hear the pump priming when I turn the key and then it stops. I tunr the key and it starts and runs breifly.

I dont know where to start to look for errors.
Fuel pump is reading OK so I am assuming power to the sender is OK
I tried starting without air filter in and get the same result.
Pulled a plug out and its rich with fuel

When it does run breifly its noice and smooth.
Makes no difference if i blip the throttle. Still only runs breifly.

Only purchased recently and I drove it 50 miles home and then started it a few times on the drive with no problem.
Left it for a week and I get this issue

Any ideas where to start looking?