Fourtrak Steering pump


I have a right hand drive UK spec 2001 Fourtrak TDL with a sick power steering pump. The certificate of conformity (no longer have the UK log book as I live in France) states power output 72/98. I’m trying to find a replacement pump either from a breaker, re-conditioned or new (doubtful). So far I’m having not much luck either way especially as 1. most parts sites are out of stock 2. where I have potentially found a pump the description of year of production/power output are contradictory. I prefer not to pay for something that does not fit especially if paying delivery from out of country. Is the pump for a 98cv the same for a 102cv vehicle?
Does any know of an available pump for my vehicle or if not have a pump reference code that I could cross check against different manufacturers ie. Spidan. da Silva etc. Oh, and if anyone has a rear wiper unit for sale too!