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Had TDX fourtrack for 1 week now
have been filling one of my other diesel cars with the Bio Diesel (modified cooking oil)
Has anyone any info on weither the fourtracks have any problems running on it.

Not really heard much about F

Not really heard much about Fourtraks being run off Biodiesel yet. From what I can tell it should run ok with the type of diesel pump it has fitted. Ideally its not best to try it yet in this cold weather as biodiesel is thicker than normal diesel in the cold weather and diesels are hard enough to start in the morning atm as it is.

Probably best to try a 20% Veg oil 80% Diesel mix to test it out. Did this with my Mitsi Pajero and it ran fine. Only thing with switching to a biodiesel is that it can clean all the dirt and shyte out the tank and system, which is a good thing! But down side is that all that rubbish can clog up the fuel filter, so best to change it after the first month.

Oh of course you also have to remember to get the form from the post office to pay the tax on any biodiesel / veg oil mix you use Wink


Isn't biodiesel from proper suppliers already duty paid ?

I was thinking of getting a load of biodiesel from a supplier in Rotheram next time I'm up there. I was under the impression that if there was a query by VOSA or the like, all I had to do was to show them the supplier's receipt to say that I wasn't running on Tesco's cooking oil.

Yup biodiesel from reputable

Yup biodiesel from reputable suppilers is already duty paid. They actually reccomend you do keep a reciept handy. Also handy if you alternate between Tesco oil and the ready made biodiesel Wink


yeh well

i tried mine offroad on 50% vegeoil / diesel mix - i bought the oil from tesco or asda for £1.20 for 3 litres (its gone up since!) and it ran better, more power, cleaner, quieter - it ran thro the winter too - no probs however a friend was using same mix on his shogun and the pump went cost £700 - ouch!! - apparently if you get a peugeot oil filter then they come with heated element so you are thinning it down as it goes thro` - also i`ve heard of people using an 80% vegeoil / 20% petrol mix - you do have to tell the customs and excise if your even considering running on the road - they can apparently come down very hard on you if you dont tell them

the fourtrak is good `cos its got nice big jets and a simple technology - best cars are supposed to be the mercedes non-turbo cars

Running on W V O

Hi tjacks
I've been running my R reg 2.8 TDX on V100 from Bio-power (duty paid) since November. The only time I had a problem was when the tempretaure dropped below freezing and the mix was less than 20% diesel, the fuel filter had to be changed as it gummed up with solids. As a rule, I run on 80% wvo, 20% diesel. I've also tried wvo with 10% petrol and no diesel. This works OK, starts well in cold weather but is a bit lumpier on tickover. Now the warmer weather is arriving, I am reducing the diesel content and will run on 100% WVO for the summer.
I drive about 15 miles to and from work, occasional longer trips and some local and had no other problems to date.


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