Carried half a tonne in back no bother! Max weight?? anyone?


What is the max towing weight for Fourtrack 2.8TD independent?
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We have regularly towed about 5 tonnes off road including bump starting a loaded 7.5 tonner, with our 2.8td ifs, but I wouldn't recommend pulling much more than 2.5t on the road if it is a swb, because ours can wobble a lot

towing weight

Yeah that is the downside of it managing heavyweights on the road it really does wobble a lot and starts to fishtail things realy start to get scary when driving over 50mph evnen with a half ton bag of fertiliser in back. Dont suppose there is any answer to that but be careful!

I have had my Diahatsu as a 2nd car after having a 1.6 Escort I am very happy with it and it has not let me down yet. Great to use when fencing will go almost enywhere. Comfy and good good on long road journeys

Well, I've had 2.7 tonne of B

Well, I've had 2.7 tonne of Bobcat on 1.2 tonne of trailer behind my Rocky.

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max load

3.5t on a braked trailer

Towing Weight

3.5 Tonnes according to the VIN plate. What I don't know is what UK law says. (Nobody else seems to know either) What happened to not towing a trailer heavier than the towing vehicle? My F78 LWB is only 1.790 Tonne with about half a tank of fuel, so even full of fuel with a 75KG driver the kerb weight is under 2 tonne. (Although the VIN plate seems to think it's 2.235 tonne)Can anyone explain the exact meaning of the weights printed on the VIN plate ?? The only legal type info I've been able to dig up is that the transport coppers, should they pull you over, will use your VIN plate as a guide to what you should be ok towing.


tow weight

the 2.235 tonne is the vehicles gross vehicle weight.
rear axle maximum permissible weight 1.185 tonne.
its a bit of a puzzle on the laws of towing
if you gut the august issue of 4x4 magazine there is a lot on the do,s and dont,s on towing.