Jumping out of 2wheel Drive


I have a 1990 Fourtrak EL turbo that jumps out of 2 wheel drive, but only when crusing. Around town, and if changing gear alot it does not do it, only on the motorway, and of course, when it does I have to pull over and stop to put back into 2wd. First happens after approx 20 miles, on one instance happened 6 times, very frustrating. Can anyone advise, at the moment I just keep taking it out of fifith gear and back again to try and imitate changing gear.

i would say there is a proble

i would say there is a problem inside the gear box! when i bought my fourtrak a mechanic friend of mine, told me to use the engine as a brake and if it jumps out of gear or 2 wheel drive then dont buy the car!
sorry mate but it sounds like an expensive problem inside the box for it to jump out of gears!

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Hi thanks for the advice, hav

Hi thanks for the advice, have recently discovered I can stop it from jumping if I do not drive over 60mph (but very boring). Thanks anyway.

It's probably just the little

It's probably just the little ball baring on the end of a spring in the top of the gearbox has warn away a bit, or the spring itself has lost it's sprigines. This litle fella just pops in and out of an indentation in the selector to hold it where you've put it. Not a major job to fix it.
If you want the quick answer (Heath Robinson style) just use a bunggy strap to hold the lever in the correct position, and take it off if you want to change drive format.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Many thanks for the advice, d

Many thanks for the advice, did try and holding it in gear thing whilst my husband was driving and I nearly broke my wrist. When it wants to jump, it jumps I do not think a bungy will keep it in. Anyway thanks for the advice.