Leaf Springs or Shocker?


Hi there, I have a 90H fourtrack lwb and i would like some help.
1. My suspension when you go down a back road even on hard setting is very bouncy.
2. When i go down a byway or a rut the suspension at the front near side seems to bottom out.
3. My fourtrack has never been off road by the previous owner he has used it to tow alot.
4. Do i need to change the leaf springs all around, or shockers.


Can you see any fracture in the springs, it's usually pretty easy to tell if one of them has gone - the break should be quite evident. Milners are very good for replacements, you'll find their number on here somewhere. As for the "3 stage" damper button, welcome to the wibbly wobbly world of the leafsprung fourtrack - Mr Bond would love his martini made in one, if you know what I mean - they're not the smoothest ride in the world on any surface, never mind what position the switch is in.