loss of power


hi all,since getting my fourtrak last september i have never been happy with the lack of power when towing our two ponies(not large horses).ok in low gears but with a slight incline in 4th it just dies and your down to 2nd before you know it screaming at 25mph.its a 89 f reg non turbo and i just put it down to the engine getting tired,it was bought just to get us started but after replacing brakes,backsprings,oilsump ect...not to mention the numerous hour spent playing with it.ive gotten the bug.any ideas much appreciated.was thinking a stuck valve but theres not a hint of smoke only thing i get is a burnig smell when its labouring and the temp goes up then once your past the incline all is ok.its fine when not towing.will give more info if needed later. bill

I don't know about there bein

I don't know about there being a problem, but I'm afraid to say the 2.8 non terbo is a bit of a dead dog when it comes to towing. When the Daihatsu people decided to make their nice 2.5 bigger they did it by lengthening the stroke, more CCs, unfortunatly it totaly knackered the old engines briliant torqueyness. They over came this by adding a terbo, which workes well all the time your in the terbo range.
I'm afraid you may just have to add a terbo. Same engine, diffreant manifolds and Deisle pump.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.


cheers nev k.ive been thinking that since i bought it but some more info for you and anyone else to puzzle out,yesterday i accelerated past my usual 2000rpms before changing gear and at 3200rpms the clutch started slipping, the same in 3rd with a squeel at 3200rpms but in fourth i ran out of road before i could reach 3000rpms.when towing the clutch takes fine even on a steep incline she pulls away no prob.when not towing she pulls away in 2nd without a hicker.was wondering could the smell when towing in 4th be the clutch slipping and if so why dont i get the screetch or see the revs going up or could it be more of a gearing problem,it totaly dies putting my foot flat to the floor does nothing and then you get a strong burning rubber type smell in the lower gears.other wise the 4trak goes fine but not sure wether i'd be worth sorting it as it might not pull any better anyway and i am not sure how i would go about changing clutches anyway (our clutch on the boats a bit different so i'm a bit like a fish out of water).on a scale of 10 how hard is it to change the clutch.i'll wait on some advice before i take any action.