I just got here myself...


Hi guys

Thought I'd introduce myself, and my latest Ebay purchase- a 1988 F77 Fourtrak normally aspirated 2.8d LWB, in 'Farmers Favourite Green'!

Bodywork battered but not too rusty (the truck, not me) with 111k miles showing, but seemingly mechanically sound and still pulling strongly. I may live to regret saying this, but the chassis looks remarkably good, too.

Definitely needs new glow plugs- aside from fluids and filters, are there any other 'must do' maintenance jobs I should be doing right now? Also, are the doors from other variants interchangeable with the pick up, as mine have definitely seen better days...!

Anyhoo, I'm sure I'll have a whole host of inane questions over the next few days, but for the time being, just 'hi'- and probably 'Help!!'.

Cheers, Steve G

'05 Sirion SE Auto

Having had a 02 Sirion 1.3 Auto for 3 untroubled years, my wife & I decided to up-date to the 05 Sirion SE Auto.
Though we were so pleased with the 02 version, the 05 is as different as chalk & cheese. The extra width of 4 ins is immediately noticed, plus the room for 2 rear passengers has increased dramatically.
While I am a pensioner, my wife, who is still working (bless her) has been as enthusiatic with both vehicles.
The bottom line is that I have never been so satisfied with a car or the manufacturer in nearly 50 years of motoring.
Looking forward to many messages now I have found this site.
Bryan & Jan.