Hi Jet and safety features?


Hello all,

I'm hoping to buy my first used Hi Jet van soon, and searching the papers and looking at my wallet, I think it's going to be the EFI 1.3, probably a 1998 S reg. What I can't find is what safety features I will be finding on a van of this age (airbags, etc.), so if any of you good people out there happen to know the answer, that would be much appreciated!


There are more safety feature

There are more safety features on my bike than a Hi-Jet.

Seriously - Airbags, side impact bars, pre-tensioners etc just ain't there.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Thanks very much for your ans

Thanks very much for your answers.

Certainly food for thought, specialy as I will be driving up and down the A9 up here in Scotland; not the safest road.

Thanks again,


Hi Jet

Hi Peter,

I know someone who has got a T-reg Hi Jet 1.3 EFI for sale, and as already mentioned, the only safety features are seatbelts!!

Certainly no airbags or anything, just like a go-kart with a van body!!