Leafs or Shocks


As I mentioned just over a week ago I thought one of Leafsprings was going. However looking at it theres no cracks or anything that I can see. Also when driving it more and taking more notice of everything I have noticed that if I turn left then the Sportrak leans the normal amount I expect. However when I turn right at any speed the Sportrak leans loads compare to when turning left. The inclometer definately confirms this even tho you can feel it. Also when parked I have noticed the Sportrak slightly leans on the passenger side.

So I started wondering if it might be the rear shock which has gone and not the leafspring. I am just seeing what you would would put it down to as the spring does look a bit more under stress compared to the drivers side one which did make me thing that it was dying if not cracked or snapped, but then thought it would look like that even if the shock went.

I ideally need to work out what it is and fix the problem before mid October which is when I will need to renew my MOT.


It sounds like the leafsprings could do with retempering but have them done in pairs IE. the the two back ones and see how it looks then
My Rocky is the same m8 and it past the MOT ok.Not much help but it should make you feel a bit better.

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Its more likely to be a spring problem than shocks, as the springs main purpose is to provide a cushion between the axles and the chassis.
The shock absorbers are just that, designed to damp the oscillation that occurs when the spring is deflected.
to test the shocks is simple, push down hard on each corner in turn, the shocks should allow 1 1/2 bounces before stopping, any more and the damper is worn and should be replaced.You should also check the bushes both top and bottom of the dampers, but these are unlikely to produce a visible lean when stationary.

I agree with evansthesheep -

I agree with evansthesheep - definately springs. Have you tried measuring height differences ie. on dead level surface measure and compare top of wheel rim to fender on the two front wheels and also the two rear wheels. If there are differences then a reset is required two at a time.