Very intermittent dipped beam


Can any one help,
the dipped beam on my UK 96 Fieldman is out 99% of the time, main beam & side lights ok, fuses too.
I've cleaned the steering column light switch internals to no avail. I cannot find the dim-dip relay or resistors, infact i can't even find where the wires from the headlights go!

Any helpful advice would be exceedingly welcome.

Dip beam relay

Hi, i have a 1987 Fourtrak, so your Fieldman may be different, but the dip beam relay on mine is positioned behind the fuse box (just inside the drivers door beneath the dash), its an aluminium 'top hat' shaped relay fitted into a blue connector block. The dim dip resistor is positioned under the bonnet on the passenger side bulkhead (aluminium finned box with tin shield around it, with 'CAUTION HOT' sticker on it), hope this helps

Dipped headlights

Thanks for the help, but my blue connector block is un populated & i don't have the dim-dip resistor fitted, so i guess thats why i can't find it!
Still don't have any dipped beam, any idea where the dipped wires from the headlights go?