how to change brake pads on sportrack 1.6 4x4


hi there
i need a step by step guide on how to change the brake pads on a sortrack jeep 4x4 . i do not have a manual so it is a bit hard for me as i am a novice. i need your help.

mark plato

If its anything like my f70 r

If its anything like my f70 rocky, then its proper easy!
take the hub cover and wheel off.

loosen the bolt which holds the bottom of the caliper and hinge up and remove the capliper. the pads are held in a second caliper which is attach to the cover which the short shaft and the wheel runs on. no need to remove this. or the hub
the pads just clip into the caliper!
when putting the caliper with brake piston back on, use a g clamp and push back the piston, (not to far tho, cos it can bugger the piston)
put a bit of copper slip on the piston face and around the rubber. and slide it back over the new pads then replace the bolt!

job done!

changing the disks is easy as also, but you have to take the hole hub apart and strip the disk off, i'm no mechanic but am up for jobs like this, i took the hub apart and changed the cv joint and half shaft in less than 40mins! Smile

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

sportrak brake pads

Do you have adobe? I have the full workshop manual and could email the relevant pages if it would help?
I've just replaced both front discs and pads on a 90 sportrak - took about an hour or so each side but that was with stripping the hubs out to get to the discs, yours won't take anywhere near that although I would recommend a good long handled socket set for the undoing and a good quality torque wrench for tightening up.
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Don't tell them your name pike!




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Don't tell them your name pike!

Don't tell them your name pike!

As said below, dead easy job.

As said below, dead easy job. A top tip is to wrap a bit of rag around the resovioir top soak up any excess fluid, because that stuff is a top grade paint stripper.

Use DOT 4 fluid which has a higher boiling point.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty