Hi-Jet cutting out in first gear after heavy braking


This has got me and my local garage really confused, hope someone can do some lateral thinking for me. Scratch one-s headScratch one-s head

The van - 1998 Hi-Jet 1300 EFI MPV.

The problem - After braking, particularly heavy when you try and pull off in 1st the car will stall, occasionally you can prevent the stall by puting your foot down and riding out a series of kangaroo jumps before proceeding into 2nd. You cannot start off in 2nd same problem arises.

The garage
Have looked at the injection system and made sure airway are clear, new air filter has been put in. With out going to Daihtsu Dealer (miles away) for electrical diagnostics we're a little bit stuck.

Garage owner has mentioned that many of todays EFI systems cut the fuel on crash impact but should not happen under normal/heavy braking.


If there is a servo on it, I'

If there is a servo on it, I'd bet it's that.....they work on vacuum from the inlet manifold. Remove the rubber hose, seal the end, then have a go (On your own private test track of course.)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

if the impact senser is bugge

if the impact senser is buggered! then that could make sense!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

Impact sensor location

Do you or anybody else know the location of the impact sensor on a 1998 Hi Jet 1300 petrol

Tried the servo

Thanks Dave, tried the servo as suggested looked promising at first but the harder I braked the problem arose its ugly head. Thanks for the suggestion still.


Hi-Jet cutting out in first gear after heavy braking - Fixed :)

Took the hi-jet into local Daihatsu dealer, they found that when braking, an electrical cable running from the battery at the rear of the vehicle through to the engine was being rubbed, this overtime had become frayed. Therefore when we braking the cable would touch the chasis and earth, causing the problem. Not cheap to fix due to the parts price, but thanks to the guys at Ponthir, Gwent for finding and resolving the fault. Smile